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Limited Time NYC Public Show of Murder in La La Land | Learn more and get your tickets here 🎇

How To Plan A Murder Mystery Party?

December 14, 2022

How To Plan A Murder Mystery Party?

December 14, 2022

It’s time for a murder mystery party!

If you are looking for a way to have a fantastic party, then you should consider planning a murder mystery party. Murder mystery parties are becoming more popular because they are entertaining and more than just an excuse to party. They allow people to learn more about each other while also getting them in the mood to enjoy themselves. It means that everyone will have a fantastic time because it will be so much fun!

Planning a murder mystery party can be a lot of fun, but it does require some preparation. Here are some tips for planning your next murder mystery party:


Choosing a theme for your event can be a fascinating process — but it requires lots of preparation. Work out how many people you want to invite and their interests. Then, think about the mood you want your event to set. Consider your guests’ favorite movies, TV shows, or books for inspiration.

Eliminate any ideas that will not work for the number of guests you are inviting, then choose a theme that interests you the most from the remaining options.


As you host murder mystery parties, you may want to make them more complex. However, simplicity and conciseness are critical for everyone’s enjoyment. Too many elements or pieces of information that do not help solve the case can easily lead to guests needing clarification and encouragement. Make sure everything in your story is connected and points towards whodunnit as the solution. Character descriptions can have red herrings and false accusations, but evidence should always be relevant to cracking the case.

There are many murder mystery stories already drafted and using a prepared script will cut back on preparation time. Live in Theater can be your best partner for enjoying murder mysteries and providing a unique party for you and your friends. 

In addition, you can choose from our extensive range of virtual murder mystery plays.

  • Murder in La La Land, set in the Golden Age of Hollywood, reveals the illusions of showbusiness and stars iconic celebrities from cinematic history.
  • Murder at River Crossing Book Club is set in a fictionalized deep south town, River Crossing, Carolina.
  • Mission Athena, SABOTAGED!, set during the Cold War in Cape Canaveral, Florida, during the 1960s heated space race.
  • Wrestle Rally ’86, set in the late 80s of professional wrestling extravaganza, features a female fighter.
  • Lombardi Case 1975, set in the underbelly of New York City in the 1970s, Manhattan’s Lower East Side.
  • The Ryan Case 1873, set in 19th century NYC at the infamous Five Points (unsolved crime), this show, in particular, is our pick for corporate team-building.
  • Mean Queens, set in Brookville University on Halloween night, this show is like a true-crime podcast that comes to life.
  • Santa Gate: A Corporate Christmas Conspiracy, set in the North pole during the Yuletide season, help Mrs. Claus uncover an insidious threat as a member of Santa’s elite elf brigade.

Our murder mystery packages also include an immersive virtual murder mystery experience that will make it feel like you are at the crime scene. The possibilities are endless for creating a murder mystery game for your party!


Costumes play an essential role in helping everyone get into character. You can give guests props to help them get into character or ask them to bring their own.

  • Option 1: Provided Props
    • Make a list of all the characters and assign each to a guest or let guests draw random characters before the event starts. For each character, think of an identifying item of clothing or accessory that makes them distinguishable. Obtain these items, place them in a bag and give them to guests when they arrive.
  • Option 2: Guest-Supplied Props
    • Ask your guests to bring props that identify their character to make the game more personal. This will also save you money from providing props for each guest. Inform guests of who their character is in the invitation and give them recommendations of what kind of props to bring.


Decorate your party room with an eye toward décor and ambiance. Remember to ensure that the decorations are appropriate for the theme. A murder-themed party is not the time to decorate in a traditional style or use items that may be considered tacky, such as clowns or flowers. Instead, use items that will fit into the party’s theme, such as fake blood, fake corpses, and burlap sacks with holes (to represent bags used by would-be victims).


Inviting your suspects (and their friends) is essential so they can get involved in the fun! If any of them live far away from you, consider taking them out for dinner beforehand so they can arrive at the party on time; this way, they will not feel rushed and will enjoy themselves more when they finally arrive at the scene of the crime!


Planning for drinks and eating options is also critical when planning a murder mystery party. You do not want your guests to be hungry or thirsty while waiting for their next clue, so plan accordingly! If you have an outdoor venue, have plenty of seating outside so that everyone can eat and drink during their time at the event without feeling like they need to leave the event area just because they are thirsty or hungry.


If you plan to have a fun and exciting murder mystery party, you have come to the right place! Live In Theater offers some of the most creative and suspenseful murder mystery parties! We love to help in creating unforgettable experiences for your family and friends. We can help you set the perfect tone for your party and ensure everyone has a wonderful time.

Our professional staff is ready to help make your unique murder mystery event a success. We offer various shows for all groups and budgets. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create an unforgettable experience for your group!

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