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Does Solving Mysteries Make You Smart?

December 24, 2021

Does Solving Mysteries Make You Smart?

December 24, 2021

Since a young age, we have believed that everyone possesses different levels of intelligence. However, lots of the latest research suggests otherwise.

Scientists have found that humans are not just given innate intelligence but also the power and ability to increase it. What’s interesting is that we can have fun while doing so as well. When learning new skills, our brain forms new neural pathways, which enhance performance.

Science has been able to prove that the human brain grows stronger when you put it to use. A good way to put your brain to work is by using strategies to solve problems. Most people are already aware that focusing on solving problems increases your brainpower, but how many of them actually do it?

If it sounds interesting, you can try out interactive theaters featuring fictional and real-life related virtual murder mysteries to experience a thrilling adventure and get smarter in the process. You get to solve these mysteries with the help of some really compassionate and humorous people, which adds to the fun. Besides giving you a break from your busy schedule, it increases your problem-solving abilities. Let’s learn how that happens.

How Does Solving Mysteries Make You Smart

Nowadays, people are so busy living dynamic and demanding lifestyles that they forget about being mindful. Most of the time, people have such repetitive schedules that they go about their daily activities without even being actively conscious. This can prevent you from using your brain at a higher capacity, which is important for it to grow stronger and smarter.

Being Mindful

The good news is that live-in interactive theaters give you the opportunity to be mindful while you solve murder mysteries. This is because solving them requires you to be more alert of everything that goes on around you. You do a lot more than just seeing: you have to observe the tiniest details, stay focused, and plan your every move.

Finding Possibilities

Another thing about interactive theaters and their fictional murder mysteries is how they allow you to uncover the truth. Taking up the role of a detective and looking at evidence and details is all about one thing: reaching a sensible and meaningful conclusion. You can only solve a mystery and find answers if you use your mind to evaluate each minor detail.

Facing Challenges

You also go through a challenging route as you try to pursue multiple suspects. Not only is this, but finding the motive is also a big part of solving a murder case. Uncovering the truth in any situation requires that you have great storytelling skills. All of these are qualities of a smart and intelligent person, so as you try solving a mystery, you grow smarter.


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