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Limited Time NYC Public Show of Murder in La La Land | Learn more and get your tickets here 🎇

Here’s How to Improve Fun on an Interactive Theater Mystery Night.

December 30, 2021

Here’s How to Improve Fun on an Interactive Theater Mystery Night.

December 30, 2021

Watching mystery shows and movies has been popular ever since interactive and immersive online theaters have made a comeback. They are especially gaining popularity due to the restrictions the ongoing pandemic imposes on in-person gatherings. The COVID-19 has made it impossible for many people to meet and connect with their loved ones. Not to mention, it is just as hard to meet and interact with new people.

However, being emotionally and mentally healthy can make a huge difference in our ability to survive this difficult time. Many people prefer a mystery-solving night to enjoy a fun time with friends or get a chance to meet new people and connect with them.

Interactive theaters offer a real-life interactive experience version of mystery movies. They allow you to actively participate and solve murder stories. Here is how you can pull off an interactive theater mystery night and make it more fun.

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Reconnect with Friends

Remember when you would watch mystery movies with your friend? What’s more fun than inviting all of them to an interactive theater mystery night? Moreover, looking for a chance to see your loved ones and connect with them over something fun is a big factor contributing to the popularity of interactive theaters today. These allow friends to reconnect over thrilling and challenging murder mysteries.

You can also recall memories such as any game rules that you used to apply to your game nights before the pandemic. Or, you can choose to have a snack or wine drinking rules based on how far you get in the immersive online theater game. What’s more? You could also make bets and deals for your next meet-up.

Private Parties

One great thing about interactive theaters is that you can throw or attend extraordinary private parties. You can throw a virtual mystery night party for your birthday, graduation, wedding, or even family reunions. Not to mention, you can also celebrate festivities like New Year, Christmas, and Hanukkah with your friends, colleagues, and family, bonding over a thrilling experience.

What makes this possible is that Live In Interactive theater allows you to invite as many as 300 people to your private party. It features some amazing award-winning actors that are sure to make your party a memorable one. For an immersive online party, you can ask your guests to dress up and keep some snacks at hand that you all can enjoy at the same time. You do not let distance ruin the fun on an interactive theater mystery night.


Do you think an interactive and immersive online theater mystery night is just what you and your friends need? Well, you are looking at the right place. Live In Theater is an interactive theater service providing company with the best mystery stories and movies. We can help your group pick a schedule for your private interactive theater party. Not to forget, our groups of interactive theaters can feature as many as 300 participants. You can call us at 347-422-7562 to book your interactive theater slot now and enjoy a memorable and amazing virtual murder mystery solving experience. Or, you can visit our official contact us page to get in touch regarding any queries or bookings.

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