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How to Play a Virtual Murder Mystery Game – Know the Rules to Have Fun.

March 21, 2022

How to Play a Virtual Murder Mystery Game – Know the Rules to Have Fun.

March 21, 2022

People love playing games. Most everyone has played some type of game during their lifetimes, such as Monopoly, checkers, and chess. Equally loved are virtual games, which have become extremely popular in our progressive age of technology. An amazingly, creative virtual murder mystery game developed by Live In Theater has taken game playing to a new and exciting level. Learn more about this virtual murder mystery game and the rules of engagement in this article. First though, it is important to understand the magical world of virtual game playing. Grab your snack and libation and come learn the game rules.

Rule No. 1 - Why Game Playing is a Special Time?

Besides the fact that playing games is a lot of fun, there are other reasons people enjoy playing games, whether it’s a board game or a virtual murder mystery game. Game makers explain people are brought into agreements and rules when they play a game, which they call “the magic circle”, which is similar to an alternate state of being. When people are inside the circle, they are playing the game, following rules, and trying to win. When the game ends, they leave the circle and return to reality. Virtual games are also compelling, especially a virtual murder mystery game created within what is immersive theater.  This virtual murder mystery game allows participants the ability to transform their worlds. They can bring the immersive theater inside their homes and actually become the actors in murder mystery.

Rule No. 2 - What is Immersive Theater?

Immersive theater is a type of live theatrical performance in which the immersion of the participant in the drama is a key factor when explaining: “what is immersive theater?” Below are some rules to help explain, what is immersive theater, and play the game.

  • Allows participants to freely interact.  Immersive theater lets participants or audience member participating in a virtual murder mystery game openly interact and engage with performers. The participatory aspects of what is immersive theater in a virtual murder mystery game can include participants interrogating suspects or questioning witnesses.  Participants are transformed to characters
  • Permits boundaries to be blurred.  Immersive theater allows borders between the performers and participants to be so blurred, they barely exist. In Live In Theater’s virtual murder mystery game series, the participants quite literally become the actors in murder mystery, creating incredible performances within a theater inside the confines of a virtual reality. 
  • Guides participants to become instantly engaged. Participants in a virtual murder mystery game are helped to experience the intensity and range of emotions inherent in deadly murder scenarios, of feeling the emotional heights and depths of actual actors in murder mystery theatrical performances. 
  • Allows participants to become part of the performance. What is immersive theater helps participants to become part of the performance. Participants are able to use their imaginations and creativity as they participate in the virtual murder mystery game. 

Now that the rules of what is immersive theater are clear; understanding how the virtual murder mystery game is played will be easier to understand.

Rule No. 3 - What is a Virtual Murder Mystery Game?

Have you and your posse ever wanted to be actors in murder mystery? Now’s your chance in a virtual murder mystery game. A virtual murder mystery game is a virtual theater inside your own home. It’s an immersive, interactive true-crime murder mystery experience. The bonafide actors in murder mystery are part of a renowned experiential entertainment company, which creates original, online, immersive theater. The virtual murder mystery game exemplifies true-crime murder mystery, experienced as part of a theater inside one’s own personal space. What are the rules of the virtual murder mystery game theatrical performance?

  • Created from actual events. The virtual murder mystery games series are inspired by true-crime murder mysteries and unsolved historical cases. Corporate teams can be actors in murder mystery stories that actually happened and were never solved! Actual events are the inspiration for each virtual murder mystery game. 
  • Creates an unforced, effortless, immersive theater performance. Live In Theaters actors are extremely skilled in high level improvisation. They exhibit an intuitive knowledge of how to influence human behaviors to create a natural, engaging experience from a theater inside the participant’s home. 

Exceptional storytelling. Virtual murder mystery games develop advanced, interactive storytelling techniques which removes the lines between the story and reality. In interactive storytelling, alternative endings are possible, depending on the participants’ choices.

Rule No. 4 - How to Use Virtual Murder Mystery Game for Teambuilding.

The virtual murder mystery game is an amazing experience for immersive theater participants. It is a great team building opportunity for corporate teams or other entities looking for a transformational experience from the confines of a theater inside a personal office. Below is an explanation of why a virtual murder mystery game is a good teambuilding choice.

  • Helps teams develop strong connections. When team members work together to investigate and attempt to solve real murder mysteries, they become more cohesive. Virtual team participants work in small groups and create theories to solve the real-live murder mystery. This helps colleagues from across departments become acquainted.
  • Allows participants to problem solve. As actors in murder mystery trying to solve a crime, participants become directly engaged in problem solving and trying to come up with plausible theories of the crime. Participants are required to adjust their emotions and expectations as things change, an important team building lesson. 
  • Encourages participants to learn about other people. The challenges of solving a complicated, historically accurate murder mystery requires people to interact and learn from other people in the virtual murder mystery game and actors in murder mystery. Participants interact with characters they likely would never meet in real life. 
  • Helps foster creativity. Participants are required to respond quickly and perform as actors in murder mystery, becoming characters themselves while dealing with dynamic circumstances. The interactions participants have with the performers affects the virtual murder mystery game’s actions and conclusions. 

Who doesn’t want to be an actor in murder mystery?  Who doesn’t want to try and solve a real-life crime as part of a virtual murder mystery game from a theater inside your home? Being part of an alternate reality, of following special rules and agreements, if only for a short while, is still something really special. 

Check out Live In Theater for amazing, virtual murder mysteries for your next corporate event!

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