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Limited Time NYC Public Show of Murder in La La Land | Learn more and get your tickets here 🎇
Limited Time NYC Public Show of Murder in La La Land | Learn more and get your tickets here 🎇

The Online Whodunit: Team Building with The Virtual Murder Mystery

May 1, 2022

The Online Whodunit: Team Building with The Virtual Murder Mystery

May 1, 2022

As more companies today adopt remote working and flexible schedules, the need is greater than ever before to keep employees engaged and connected with one other. Good team building is key to the success of any large group or company. Choosing activities that are unique and effective, however, can be a real challenge.


Creative team building games are a productive and entertaining activity well suited to groups large and small. The murder mystery party is becoming one of the more popular themes for these events—and for good reason. Live In Theater specializes in immersive team building, parties, and celebrations with their Virtual Murder Mysteries. We have been the top-rated interactive theater ensemble in New York City for the past twelve years. We have used our experience to become one of the best virtual theater companies in the nation.


Our murder mysteries go beyond the ordinary teambuilding exercise. A good murder mystery has a compelling story, characters, and the audience on the edge of their seats looking for answers. We take that a step further with interactive theater. In our shows, the audience becomes part of the action, the story unfolding with their participation. By directly taking part, the audience is fully immersed in a dynamic drama, based on real events. It’s often compared to a live-action version of the game Clue!


Interactive theater is improvisational. The actors are intimately familiar with their characters and where the story needs to go but are also free to make their own script along with feedback from the audience. No two shows will be the same.


The best interactive actors in a murder mystery keep the story flowing organically, while their training allows them to keep everyone on their toes. Everyone’s mettle will be tested, and they will be challenged to adapt through twists and turns of the dynamic plot. We want our shows to provide a real challenge that speaks to the intelligence of your team and draws them into a compelling narrative. The goal is to bring everyone in the group out of their comfort zone and into a cohesive, problem-solving unit. A key aspect of successful team building is engagement, and murder mysteries provide that in spades.


How will your team solve the mystery? After getting to know the characters and story, they must work together to investigate the murder and find key clues. They will talk to eyewitnesses, interrogate suspects, try to learn the killer’s motive, and understand how the crime took place. Team members will combine their strengths, building relationships, their creativity, and problem-solving abilities. Working together while in the middle of a story provides a unique environment to collaborate. It’s also loads of fun! Team fun creates a sense of camaraderie outside of the realm of work. It’s also an effective way to boost morale. Teamwork will catch the killer!


Many murder mystery parties are full of lighthearted comedy and sometimes corny slapstick humor. While our shows have their fair share of laughs, Live In Theater stands out for being grounded in real life historical events. Every show is a blend of our research into unsolved crime cases, and the world of the true-crime murder mystery. Our shows are dynamic, full of weight, and realistic. We accomplish this through our high production values, great sets, costumes, and the professionalism of our actors.


We want your group to experience an uncommon world of our creation, interacting with characters they would otherwise never meet. Great examples of this would be through our amazing shows:


  • Lombardi Case 1975 thrusts the audience into the seedy underbelly of 1970’s New York City. It’s an authentic, gripping glimpse into a detective’s work in the Lower East Side.
  • The Ryan Case 1873 is based on an unsolved crime in late 19th Century New York City. The notorious “Five Points” area of lower Manhattan forms the ominous backdrop to this exciting murder mystery.
  • Murder at River Crossing Book Club takes place in a sleepy town in the Deep South. Peel through the layers of mystery in a tightly knit and very traditional community.
  • Mean Queens explores the gruesome Halloween murder of a sorority girl on the campus of Brookville University.
  • Murder in La La Land takes place during the Golden Age of Hollywood. While solving the crime, join a film studio and meet iconic figures from cinematic history.
  • Mission Athena: Sabotaged! During the height of the Cold War, the Sixties Space Race was in full swing. As America attempts to launch their first woman into space, the effort is sabotaged. Join the investigation to find out who is responsible.


Our online zoom theater can accommodate small groups as low as five to as large as three-hundred people and range from about an hour to two hours. We will match your pace while making sure that the action does not stall.

 We know that coordinating and planning events can be very stressful, so we make every effort to ensure that your event will take place in a seamless manner. Our events are turnkey and fully hosted. Live in Theater handles all of the planning details; all you have to do is choose the show that interests you. Our actors help host and guide the proceedings. A skilled director keeps the program on track and running smoothly.

After you have chosen the event, our actors will brief your group on the background of the story, and what role they will play in it. You will be instructed on what your goals will be for the event and allowed to ask questions of the host before the action begins.


These events are versatile and great for the holidays. We want to impress you with our unforgettable stories. Join the excitement and sign up for one of our award-winning shows today. Contact Live In Theater to get started on your team fun and  immersive theater experience today!

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